Transformational writing

A tool for growth, healing and change

Do you struggle to stay centered in a fast-paced world of overwhelming information and events?

Are you looking for new ways to access your inner wisdom and unlock your creativity and purpose?

Do you need a supportive community to do the deep work of healing and change?

Transformational writing is a practice that brings us to ourselves. This isn’t writing as performance art — there’s no novel, no screenplay, no clever blog. Transformational writing is about the experience of writing and the unique personal truths that surface when we plumb our own depths. Writing is a practice that creates space, and in the space we discover — or remember — who we are.

Experience the transformational power of writing this summer at a one-time workshop! Come to a two-hour session in a cozy space in downtown Los Angeles for an evening of writing, meditation, and revealing inner work.

Upcoming workshops

Thursday, July 18, 2019 | 7-9 p.m. | Downtown Los Angeles

Sunday, July 28, 2019 | 4-6 p.m. | Downtown Los Angeles

Don’t see a date that works for you? Email to find out about future events or volunteer to host one yourself!


Why write?

Transformational writing is for anyone, from beginners to lifelong writers, who wants to learn new ways to write for different purposes, including creative expression, healing or personal growth, and even life or business management.

Science shows that there are psychological and physical health benefits to writing in a personal journal — often called “expressive writing” — including:

    • Unlock your creativity
    • Maximize your efficiency
    • Heal your relationships
    • Make decisions
    • Access information in your subconscious mind
    • and more!

Whatever life situation, opportunity, or roadblock you may be facing, writing can help you deepen your understanding, develop new awareness, and ultimately change your life.


How it works

Accessing inner wisdom through writing is an individual experience. Writing in community creates a structured sanctuary and collective energy that jumpstarts personal expression.

Workshops are based on Journal to the Self®, an immersive course created by internationally recognized expressive writing expert Kathleen Adams that is taught around the world. Each session includes short writing prompts with time to experiment, guided meditation, and optional sharing.

About the instructor

Allison Pond is an award-winning journalist known for her coverage of vulnerable populations, including refugees. She previously worked as an editor of in-depth and investigative reporting at the Deseret News and as a research associate at the Pew Research Center. Allison has an MPP from Georgetown University and a BA in journalism and English. A lifelong journal-keeper and a certified Journal to the Self® Instructor, Allison is an engaging teacher, writer and facilitator.

Allison Pond



Playing with language

I loved experimenting with so many different techniques! I've already thought of many ways to incorporate these ideas into my classroom. 

— Lauren, Teacher

Making sense

The course inspired me to write more. I found it to be an excellent way to process and make sense of the jumbled mess inside my brain.

— Jana, Life Coach

Being surprised

Writing has always been tedious and unpleasant, but some of these suggestions worked beautifully for me — in surprising ways! I now have viable methods for exploration. 

— Jane, Executive Assistant

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